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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 8, 2010 4:00am-4:30am PST

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making news on this monday, november 8th. closer ties overnight. the leaders of the u.s. and india pledge more cooperation. atomic emergencies. problems with two u.s. nuclear plants overnight. reactors shut down. and short suspension. another embattled cable host returns to the air. good morning, thanks for being with us on this monday. i'm vinita nair. >> and i'm mike marusarz in for rob nelson. this morning, there have been plenty of pomp and ceremony to begin the president's third day in india, along with an important news conference. >> but a tornado has threatened
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to derail the next stop in his asian trip. abc's karen travers have the details. good morning, karen. >> reporter: good morning mike and vinita. earlier this morning, for president obama and indian prime minister singh, the emphasis was on cooperation. the day started outdoors with pomp and circumstance. but much of the president's state visit here today has been spent behind closed doors. at a joint news conference, mr. obama continued to push for strong cooperation between the two nations on the economy and terrorism. the president said that in his speech tonight to parliament he would address the issue of india taking a permanent seat on the security council. earlier this week, indian officials rolled out the red carpet for the president and the president. they visited a memorial for mahatma gandhi where he was assassinated and cremated. there, they would remove their shoes in respect. president obama's next step was in indonesia where he lived several years as a child.
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yesterday, more than 1,000 people rallied outside of jakarta protesting iraq and afghanistan. safety concerns threatened the president's visit there because the ash could interfere with flights. twice in the past year, the president's had to postpone trips to indonesia because of pressing domestic issues, but the white house says this morning, that they're monitoring the situation, and so far, the trip is still on. mike and vinita. >> karen, what is on the agenda during that time in indonesia? >> it's a very quick trip, for the president, vinita. he'll be meeting with the president. he'll also be giving a major the also paying a visit to the largest mosque. the nation with the most muslims in the world. it will be a quick trip. they're trying to pack as much into that trip as they can. vinita. underscoring america's deep interest in that region, two u.s. missile strikes have killed 14 suspected militants in pakistan. the drone attacks came in north waziristan.
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where most of the strikes have been over the past two months. it's home to hundreds of pakistani and foreign rebels, many connected to al qaeda and the taliban. back in washington, there are new questions about how far the republican leadership is willing to go to stop the president's agenda. in an interview, the president admits it. emily schmidt is joining us with all the details. >> reporter: vinita, good morning to you. in a "60 minutes" interview that aired over the weekend, leadership isn't just about legislation. communication matters. he said that just as republicans are starting to communicate how they want to lead beginning in january. as the new congress takes shape, its newest members say they want that shape to be smaller than in the past. >> the voters have spoken, i think, very clearly about the need to rein in this government. >> reporter: at least 66 more republicans will be on the hill, including tea party supporters who say they are ready to put campaign ideas to work. >> first of all, we have to stop
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the funding of obamacare, and over the next two years, show the american people what the new options are to improve the system we have now. >> we have to do something about the debt. i think we've been fiscally irresponsible for a generation or more here. >> reporter: tea party members say they want a ban on earmarks, though that may be a tough sale, even within the republican party. >> how much power do they really have, and what influence do they want to have in the leadership. >> reporter: president obama on tour in india, told a student who asked about the midterms, that it was clearly a referendum on the economy. >> when the people are not happy, it is their right, obligation and duty to express their unhappiness, much to the regret sometimes of incumbents. >> reporter: one of the incumbents who is returning is nancy pelosi. republicans said over the weekend that if she remains the democrats' leader in the house, democrats simply did not get the message from voters this election.
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vinita. >> emily schmidt in washington this morning. thanks, emily. secretary of state hillary rodham clinton and u.s. defense secretary robert gates are in melbourne, australia, this morning for high-level meetings. among the agenda items, security. secretary clinton says she hopes baghdad is finally close to forming a new government, eight months after the election. and secretary gates told reporters traveling with him, he wants congress to repeal the ban on gays serving openly in the military by the end of the year, but his new marine commandant is hesitating, and gates says he isn't sure how this will affect the action. a surprise shutdown affecting two nuclear plants on the east coast. the transformer exploded at indian point north of new york city about 6:30 last night. about a half hour later, a radioactive water leak was detected at vermont yankee plant. no serious consequences were reported at either site.
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well, the clock is ticking for new york's first responders of the 9/11 attacks. thousands of firefighters, police officers and other workers have until the end today to join a class action lawsuit settlement that would pay them as much as $815 million. the lawsuit is claiming damages to exposure to toxic dust at the world trade center site. and now for this morning's weather from around the nation. expect plenty of winter-like weather from northern california and montana. and in the southeast where the season's first measurable snow will fall on parts of maine, new hampshire and vermont. >> almost everywhere else, plan on leaving the heavy coats at home, especially in the midsection. temperatures will run 10 to 15 degrees above normal with highs very spring-like in the 60s and 70s. your business news is next. is it too late to find a deal on your holiday airfare? plus, one airline's jumbo jets will stay grounded. overnight, engineers announced they may have found the problem
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if anything, i thought i'd get hit by a bus, but not a heart. my doctor put me on an aspirin regimen to help protect my life. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. check with your doctor because it can happen to anybody. qantas airlines' fleet of a-380s will remain grounded for at least another 72 hours. tests have uncovered oil leaks in the engines of three of those super jumbo jets. the planes have been grounded since last week after the engine of one of them failed minutes
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into a flight from singapore to sydney. the a-380 is the world's newest and largest plane. if you are planning on flying over the holidays be prepared to dig a little deeper into your wallet. more people are flying this year while there are fewer seats available and of course that means higher prices. according to number published in "usa today," domestic fares are up 17% around the holidays. some routes have soared 60%. overseas, stock markets are starting the week on a positive note. tokyo nikkei average climbed 1 it the 1% today. hong kong's hang seng is higher. in london, the ftse opened slightly higher. on wall street the dow jumped 325 points last week. the nasdaq gained 71 points. iphone owners may be a little work today. apple failed to fix the glitch in the alarm app that failed to change daylight savings time that means some phones will be going off an hour today.
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the glitch will be permanently fixed by a software update later this month. queen elizabeth ii is now on facebook but you won't be able to friend her. her new page launched this morning. it features videos photos and daily updates on her engagements. because it's a corporate page and not a personal one members won't be able to make friend requests. well, "megamind" was a mega hit at the weekend box office. the animated comedy featuring the voices of will ferrell, brad pitt took in $48 million in this opening weekend. "due date" debuted in second. and "for colored girls" opened in third. >> positive thinking, though. maybe it will do that. >> i would say, that would be a really good opening. i think they'll take what they got. coming up next on this monday morning, the misery is growing in haiti. as officials battle a cholera crisis. our reporter is there. a disaster for big "d." highlights or lowlights from sunday's nfl action coming up from espn. [ woman ] i had this deep, radiating pain everywhere...
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and now for a look of your morning road conditions plan on wet and icy conditions along i-95 in the east. trouble spots in the west include i-80 from sacramento to salt lake city. i-90 from billings. and utah. expect airport delays in similar areas like seattle, salt lake city, las vegas and denver in the west. in, new boston, new york, philadelphia in the east. a river in haiti thought to be the source of the vicious cholera outbreak is expected to overflow today. >> that is only going to worsen the epidemic that has already killed about 500 people and hospitalized thousands more. matt gutman is in port-au-prince with the latest. >> reporter: the cholera outbreak in this country has been contained. that is not the case. it is spreading across this country. first, it was moving to the north, now, it is moving down to
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the south. medical officials tell us it was move prosecuting city to city. now, they hear that it is inside port-au-prince in one of its dirtiest sclums, places where there is no sanitation no lat e latryans. the disease kills by causing rapid dehydration, it's easily caught with roads and hospitals damaged by the quake, many die before they can get to the hospitals. the sick spill out into the hallways. we saw a tent and building swallowed by the flood and children struggling against the current. we found this woman, after her house was destroyed by the quake, he and her husband built a hut which was destroyed by the earthquake. you decided to stay. why? she says, because my family is sheer and my mommy. medical officials tell us the
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problem for people like amy is that they don't know thousand properly protect themselves against cholera. the outbreak which is so severe in this country, officials say it could be days, even longer before they know the ultimate toll. matt gutman, abc news, port-au-prince, haiti. scary statistics while driving while drowsy. 1 in 6 crashes involve a drowsy driver. sleep deprivation has similar effects to drugs and alcohol, decreasing awareness, slowing reaction time and impairing judgment. more than 40% of people surveyed admitted to falling asleep or nodding off behind the wheel. we have learned overnight that keith olbermann will be back on the air tomorrow. the head of nbc said two days off without pay was appropriate punishment for violating company policy. olbermann has acknowledged done tating $2,300 apiece to three
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democratic candidates. employees are not allowed to make political contributions. an evening yoshian man and a kenyan woman took the titles for the first victories. perhaps the biggest story, though, was edison pena, the chilean miner who willed himself 0 the finish line. here's steve weissman at espn news. good morning, i'm steve weissman with your espn news update. we begin with a classic no one saw it coming. raiders and chiefs. tom cable. this going into overtime. tied at 20-20, raiders with the wall. the pass finds jacoby ford. it puts the raiders in field goal range for sebastian janikowski, this from 33. raiders take it in overnight.
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they win three straight since 2002. meanwhile, brett favre and the vikings hosting the cardinals under a minute to go. vikings down 24-17. favre engineering another comeback to visanthe shiancoe. we go to overtime. that's ryan long wal, through the uprights. vikings danger it. everyone can take a deep breath in minnesota. tom brady and the visiti visiting the cleveland browns. second quarter. browns up 10-7, how about josh cribbs takes the direct snap. hands off to chansi stuckey and he takes it to the pylon. browns up 17-7. upset in the making. third quarter. same score. how about some colt mccoy. browns have played five different quarterbacks in the past three weeks. they may have found one. browns win 34-15. michael vick and the eagles hosting the colts.
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eagles in red zone, there's vick to desean jackson. both of these guys coming back after injury. late third quarter, vick. looking like he did back in the day for atlanta. finds a seam and there's the speed. 32-yard rush. he would later score a touchdown. 13th time he's thrown a rush for a touchdown in the same game. eagles win 26-24. that's your espn news update. i'm steve weissman. back to you in new york. steve, thanks. in a late game, the packers embarrassed the cowboys 45-7. aaron rodgers threw for 298 yards and two touchdowns. branden jackson scored twice. and late of people think it's just a matter of days now before dallas owner jerry jones looks for a new head coach. the fascinating world of competition. >> check out what happens after "wheel of fortune" contestant calls out an "l" for her first
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once you lose enamel, 's gone for good. for those who want white teeth pronamel gentle whiteng, helps protect against acid erosion but also helps bring ba your teeth to their natural whiteness. now a look ahead to the stories we'll be watching on this monday. president obama wraps up a three-day visit to india. today, he was honored with lavish ceremonies and attended high-level talks in new delhi. he calls the relationship a defining partnership in the 21st century. executives from bp and two other companies involved in the gulf oil spill will be involved in a presidential commission. the panel is looking to pinpoint what went wrong in the days leading up to the disastrous blowout on the deep-water oil rig. opening statements begin in the elizabeth smart appeal trial. an appeals court has ruled that the case does not need to be moved out of utah.
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and a jury will begin deliberations in the thirds day of that horrific home invasion case in connecticut. jurors must decide whether to give the death penalty of a man convicted of murdering three members of the p.e.t. nit family. and randy quaid and his wife will be before a commission. they say they can't return to the u.s. because hollywood star whackers are trying to kill them. and tonight, conan is returning to tv since the $40 million split with nbc back in january. as if his bank account didn't need any more padding, conan is the pitman for the new american express commercials which is paying $1 million a commercial. coming up on "good morning america," we follow natalee holloway's mom inside a jail where she finally confronts joran van der sloot.
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it's captured on "gma" for the first time. >> for some of you your local news is next. >> for everyone else, yo"americ this morning" continues right after this. neutrogena healthy skin liquid makeup. 98% of women saw improvement in their skin's natural texture, tone, or clarity. does your makeup do that? neutrogena® cosmetics recommended most by dermatologists.
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♪ tum ta tum tum tums all right. we leave you this morning with a story about religious divide. but we're not talking about
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philosophy. we're talking about ecology. >> with so many american congregations shrinking the question is what to do with empty churches taking up valuable space. enter a pastor from the south by a big vision. jeremy hubbard explains. >> reporter: from outside it's more office parks than cathedral. everything else is modern. when this georgia pastor went in search of more space for his growing congregation, he wants a basilica, not big bucks. >> don't mean to offend the people that built the churches. some of them look like pizza huts. >> reporter: his search brought him to st. gerard modeled after one of the great basilicas of rome. it was forced to grow. >> this is a lovely altar. >> reporter: if father david dye and his parishioners can raise money, they hope to move
4:29 am
st. gerard piece by piece. >> reporter: some found new life as malls, restaurants or even bars but hundreds sit empty as catholics from the rust belt have left for the bible belt. now, an entire church might go with them. >> it's totally insane because you're trying to harvest our treasures out of the city of buffalo. >> reporter: buffalo city council is trying to block the move. he wanted to make it illegal to take buildings from his city. >> they're taking advantage that buffalo is down on its luck. you don't take life out of the city. >> reporter: but for now, there's no life. the roof is leaking are the pews are covered in mold, the stained glass is buckling even the former pastor would like to see it go. >> why should a church become a restaurant or nightclub? it's a holy place. >> reporter: a church that could find salvation 900 miles


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